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What Are Those Black Streaks On My Roof?

It is Gloeocapsa Magma mold spores.  The green growth and black streaks are caused by this mold.  We can safely clean and remove these unsightly stains without using high pressure.

Cleaning your own roof can be a dirty and dangerous job.  Homeowners who have attempted to do the job themselves have been injured by falling from roofs that are wet and slippery and also damaged their roof by using improper equipment.  When you consider the risks involved and the fact that most homeowners would rather be doing just about anything else.  This is why people call Strait Shot Exterior to help them with their roof cleaning needs.

Your roof serves the important function of protecting your house from the elements and keeping you warm and dry.  You need a roof cleaning company you can trust with the important job of washing your roof.  Allowing mold/algae to grow on the shingles of your roof can create many potential long-term problems.  It allows for water to build up behind the shingles which causes leaking, rotting and decomposition and also adds to the deterioration of the shingles.  When it comes to roof cleaning, the best option to take is the use of a low pressure softwash cleaning method to eliminate mold/algae and other material that has grown on your roof shingles.  Strait Shot Exterior can get in there and perform roof cleaning for your home quickly and effectively.  Strait Shot Exterior is a roof cleaning company in the Quad Cities who has the proper tools to clean your roof and shingles without causing damage.

When  performing your roof cleaning, we will use the proper cleaners and low pressure softwash cleaning techniques needed to increase the performance and longevity of your roof. Our roof cleaning expert will apply cleaning chemicals which are designed to kill mold/algae, making sure the it no longer continues to grow.

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Roof Cleaning, Power Washing, and House washing in the Quad Cities.

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Roof Cleaning
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Roof Cleaning
Strait Shot Exterior Cleaning offers professional roof cleaning services for residential housing throughout the Quad City area. Call us for a free estimate.